Become a reseller

You can become a reseller if you wish, and as soon as you join, a simple and functional reseller panel with excellent privileges will be delivered to you, as well as the support of our experienced team. The quality we offer you in the reseller panel is exactly the same quality IPTV Angels services that it offers to the dear resellers.


Our reseller panel is based on credit. Note that you need some credit for each package you want to deliver to your customer, and in the tables below you can see the required credit amount and the price of the credit packages.

Note: The minimum purchase amount is 200 euros

What is IPTV reseller

Reseller is a person who has an IPTV service management panel. It can either produce IPTV packages and plans at a cheaper price than sites and sell them to others. It can also manage and optimize the packages it sells to keep its customers satisfied. Although reseller makes less profit than a major IPTV vendor at first glance, because it has far fewer responsibilities and is not involved in service losses and server problems, it is a great option to enter the world of IPTV service sales.

The benefits of our reseller panel

  • Cost-effective and very economical
  • Ability to manage packages and manage country lists
  • Ability to generate service for all devices and apps
  • Provide a certain number of free tests daily to your customers
  • Your credit has no time limit and will not expire
  • Ability to add credit, renew and expire subscriptions
  • Ongoing support for panels by us

And dozens of other attractive features

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